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Nevada Child Visitation – Denied Visitation – Long Distance Parenting

In most cases the courts recognize that the child’s welfare is best served by ensuring that the child has liberal amounts of contact with each parent. Whether visitation is being negotiated or brought before a judge, it is important to achieve a result in which the parent’s access to the child is defined with particularity.

The amount of time the child will live with each parent from week to week must be determined and the exact start and stop times of each parent’s respective custody time with the child must specified. Likewise how the child will spend holidays, summer or school track breaks, and vacation all need to be addressed.

As an experienced Nevada divorce and child custody lawyer, I understand the needs of parents wanting to stand up for their children’s welfare, as well as the needs to protect noncustodial parents’ rights to have quality time with children without interference by the custodial parent.

Supervised Child Visitation

Protecting the welfare of a child is of the utmost importance when parents are involved in a divorce or custody battle. There are cases in which the welfare of the child requires one parent’s contact with the child to be supervised by the other parent or a responsible third-party.

Supervised child visitation is generally ordered in only the rarest of cases, such as when a parent has a history of drug or alcohol abuse or has been psychologically or physically abusive to the child or other family members. It is usually done for a limited time period to permit the parent to engage in appropriate therapy or anger management programs before visitation can take place in a less restrictive environment.

As a parent demonstrates success in such programs, that parent’s custody time may be expanded or made unsupervised. If the parent fails to change behaviors which are dangerous to the child, the other parent must continue to advocate the child’s safety needs to the court.

Modifying Child Visitation in Nevada

Even though parenting agreements must be carefully crafted to set out each parent’s custody rights, circumstances may change. Legitimate, significant changes in either parent’s life can mean that a modification to the custody and visitation orders may be necessary.

Las Vegas family law attorney Nathan Gibbs can help you determine if you have good reason to change the agreement, and help you revise your original agreement to fit your new circumstances.

Denied Child Visitation

When the custodial parent denies visitation or takes certain steps to interfere with set child visitation times, this is known as frustration of visitation. This could be an innocent one time occurrence such as a doctor appointment, but can also be as severe as taking the child across state lines.

Frustration of visitation can be grounds for changing the court ordered custody agreement. Even if the non-custodial parent is delinquent on child support payments, visitation may not be denied. Call the office of R. Nathan Gibbs if your court ordered visitation agreement is not being adhered to. I care about your rights and will work hard to quickly correct the situation.

Long Distance Parenting

How is child visitation affected when the custodial parent would like to relocate? Relocation of children outside of Nevada cannot occur without first obtaining written permission from the courts or the noncustodial parent.

If you are a custodial parent wishing to move or a non-custodial parent needing to preserve visitation rights, the law firm of R. Nathan Gibbs can help. Long distance relocation of children in a divorce situation is a sensitive issue. I can help you draft an agreeable child visitation revision to help insure both parties’ needs are being met.

Las Vegas Nevada Visitation Agreement Attorney

Going through a divorce is never easy. When there are children involved, you need a lawyer that is caring, yet strong in order to protect the visitation rights of parents. Nothing is more important than your children and I understand that.

If you need a fair visitation agreement drafted or a revision to an existing one, contact our family law firm. Whatever your child visitation needs may be, the Law office of R. Nathan Gibbs can help.

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