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Practice Areas

At the Law Office of R. Nathan Gibbs LTD, my practice is focused on family law and domestic relations. I bring 16 years of experience as a Las Vegas family law lawyer to these issues. I look forward to helping you resolve your family legal problems in a way that best serves your needs, and protects your rights and the rights of your children.


Whether you want to file for divorce in Nevada or respond to a divorce petition, we are here to help you with compassion and sensitivity. We will do all we can to help you reach the most constructive legal solutions that will affect your children, your property and your future. When a firm hand is required, we are ready to aggressively fight for your rights in court and ensure your voice is heard.


Mediation is a fair and structured alternative to divorce litigation that helps you and your spouse resolve your differences without going to court. As your Las Vegas family law lawyer, I help divorcing couples reach fair and satisfying solutions through mediation that would not be possible in a court settlement.

Collaborative Law

We will represent you in collaborative divorce proceedings, helping you to respectfully settle your issues in divorce outside of court. In a collaborative divorce setting, both parties focus on identifying the goals and priorities of each spouse and their children, and work with a team of trained professionals towards the most beneficial and fair way to dissolve their marriage.

Military Divorce

We are here to assist members of the armed forces, whether living here in Nevada or deployed, who must now deal with the dissolution of marriage. I am fully knowledgeable of Nevada statutes and federal laws regarding military divorce issues, and understand the unique circumstances that occur in military divorce proceedings. I can represent either party in these situations.


Alimony is determined based on many factors, and no doubt you are concerned about the impact to your finances. Will you have to pay alimony? Will you receive alimony? How much? Acting as your Las Vegas family law lawyer, I can help make sure this important issue is handled fairly and that your rights are fully protected.

Spousal Support

If you are not receiving the spousal support (alimony) payments you deserve, or if you believe that you are being taken advantage of, then do not hesitate to seek the representation of our law firm. We can help you find ways to protect your interests on either side of a spousal support problem and will pursue a fast and fair solution.

Child Custody

In Nevada divorce there are two aspects of custody, legal custody and physical custody. We help you develop and put in place child custody arrangements that are in the best interests of your children, seeking to promote regular and meaningful interaction between children and both parents.

Child Support

Your desire to protect your child’s physical, emotional, and financial stability is a top priority at our firm. In the handling of child support arrangements, we put our knowledge and experience to work for you to ensure a stable future for your children.

Child Visitation

Our firm understands the host of issues involving visitation under Nevada laws. We craft plans to protect the visitation rights of mothers and fathers, while supporting the best interests of the child involved. We can help you in all matters of child visitation, denied visitation, and long distance parenting.

Modification Orders

During the years following your divorce, significant changes are likely to take place in your life. Nevada laws take this into account and allow you to petition the court to make changes to child support, custody, visitation, or alimony orders. Our law firm is highly experienced in evaluating new situations and creating a strong argument on your behalf to address your changing needs.

Enforcement Proceedings

If your ex-spouse refuses to comply with the terms of the divorce, you have the right to seek enforcement through Nevada family courts. Las Vegas family law lawyer Nathan Gibbs can help you bring or defend enforcement actions for failure to pay child support, failure to comply with custody or visitation orders, and all other enforcement actions.


When one parent wants to move away from the Las Vegas area or out of Nevada with their children, it raises new issues with child custody, visitation, and child support orders. We provide sound advice based on many years of experience to parents who seek to relocate with their child and parents who seek to defend against a child moving away.


A prenuptial agreement governs the distribution of assets and debts at divorce and may also be an effective estate planning tool. As a Las Vegas family law lawyer, I have considerable experience drafting and negotiating prenuptial agreements that will protect your assets, as well as litigating their validity should they be involved in divorce cases.


Much like a prenuptial, a postnuptial agreement is a way to protect your assets should your marriage dissolve, except it is drafted after a couple is married and becomes effective immediately. We will help you understand the risks and rewards, and can draft a postnuptial agreement that is legally sound under Nevada statutes.


Do you need to secure father’s rights? Request custody or visitation? Petition for the child’s father to make child support payments? Paternity issues call for the assistance of an accomplished Las Vegas family law lawyer with experience in paternity disputes, allegations and legal procedures.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence issues often have criminal consequences and may impact the outcome of a family law case. We are here to counsel and protect the rights of victims of domestic violence, as well as defend those who have false claims made against them. Our law firm has significant experience in handling this sensitive area of law.


An important part of my role as a Las Vegas family law lawyer involves helping families through the process of adoption. The legal process of adopting a child can be complex, and must be properly handled.  We work to make adoption as smooth as possible for our clients, and prepare you for every step.


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