Las Vegas Military Divorce Lawyer

Representing Nevada’s Military Personnel and Their Families in Divorce Proceedings

Even soldiers sometimes need someone to fight battles for them. Our law firm provides steadfast legal advice and personalized service to military personnel throughout Southern Nevada.

Divorce cases in military families entail a complex merging of federal and state laws, which few lawyers practice. R. Nathan Gibbs is a Las Vegas military divorce attorney who fully understands the complex issues and concerns of military families.

Our close proximity to Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs and Nellis AFB in Las Vegas allows our firm to serve our service men and women, and their spouses, in all family law matters.

Military Divorce Lawyer Who Knows Your Issues

Civilians may not realize the burdens that military families endure over and above the dangers of defending our country. Spouses are apart for long periods. Children grow up without seeing their fathers or mothers for months or years. Many soldiers return home damaged. Financial difficulties often add to the existing stress. What was once a strong, happy family may begin to come apart.

Military service members facing deployment have a strong need to maintain stable homes for any children of the marriage. When you work with attorney Nathan Gibbs, you have a military divorce lawyer who works closely with you to dissolve your marriage in a way that protects your rights and serves the best interest of your children.

To set up an in office appointment to discuss your divorce or post-divorce situation, or to simply ask a question, contact Las Vegas divorce attorney Nathan Gibbs at 702-471-7454.

Military Retirement and Divorce: Protecting Your Assets

Military retirement and pension benefits are among the most important concerns in military divorce cases. These benefits can amount to a substantial sum, and competent and fair valuation regarding the division of your retirement assets is critical.

We know you have many questions about how your retirement benefits will be affected by divorce. Our law firm is ready to assist both service members and military spouses, to ensure that your divorce agreement protects your right to retirement benefits.

Nevada Military Divorce Involving Child Custody

For military families with divorce and custody issues, it is essential that your lawyer is well-versed in federal laws that govern military personnel and with Nevada family laws. Specific laws covering circumstances such as temporary duty, deployment, or mobilization will impact custody and visitation agreements.

Is relocation an issue in your military divorce? If so, custody of your children will likely be affected. If a custody agreement already exists, it may require considerable modification to appropriately reflect your new circumstances. We are fully able to assist you in all matters of relocation.

Other federal laws (which do not affect civilians) affect military retired pay, enforcement of court orders such as child support, and jurisdiction requirements.

Contact Nevada Military Divorce Lawyer Nathan Gibbs

In addition to handling military retirement and pension, child custody and relocation issues, we can help you in all matters of

  • Military spousal support
  • computation of child support obligations
  • dividing military pension

At the Law Office of R. Nathan Gibbs, we go the extra mile to assist the men and women who have given so much to protect and serve us. We work to find the solutions that are right for you and protect you. Call us at 702-471-7454 today to set up an initial consultation.