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Nevada Custody, Visitation and Support Modification Orders

Life changes in many ways following a divorce. Some changes are substantial, affecting your income, your career, where you live, even your health. Court orders that made sense a few years ago may not be fair or even feasible now. Other times, a parent may fail to comply with an order.

Nevada family law allows for major life changes by permitting parents and ex-spouses to petition the court to modify child support, custody, visitation, or alimony orders. But every case involving modification of orders is unique, and not all requests will be allowed by the court.

A large part of our Las Vegas family law practice relates to modification of orders. Our firm can evaluate your evidence and justification for change, develop a strong case for revising existing orders, and help you obtain modifications that accommodate your life today.  If your current custody, visitation, or support arrangements are no longer fair or reasonable, contact our law firm to discuss modification orders.

If you are looking for a seasoned professional to defend against a bitter ex-spouse who is seeking to modify the arrangements, we can help. Attorney Nathan Gibbs will personally work with you to defend against your ex-spouse’s post-divorce motion to modify an order.

Modification of Orders for Child Support

In Nevada, child support orders are eligible for increase or decrease at least every three years. To initiate a change, you or your ex-spouse will petition the court to review your child support payment amount. Along with other deciding factors, the judge will examine tax returns and other financial information to determine the amount of child support to establish for the next three years.

Child support may also be modified at any time when a substantial change in your circumstances calls for a change in the amount of support you pay or receive. Any modification must be considered by the judge to be in the best interest of the child.

Different factors will affect a request for modification. Your existing child custody arrangement – primary custody or joint custody – plays a deciding role in child support determinations.

To learn more, contact family law attorney Nathan Gibbs for a careful, personalized review of your situation.

Modification of Orders for Child Custody and Visitation

For a parent to modify child custody, a substantial change in circumstances that affects the child must be shown to the court. Any changes in custody must be done in the best interests of the child.

There are endless developments that can impact a child custody order and visitation schedule, such as:

  • A change to a parent’s job schedule that makes the old agreement no longer possible.
  • A parent (or child) may endure unforeseen circumstances, such as a parent’s conviction of criminal charges, a parent’s relocation, or a child’s disability, which may call for a change in the parenting plan or custody arrangement between the parents.
  • Both parents may wish to modify the custody arrangement.
  • You may wish to dispute a change to custody or visitation.

If such circumstances occur, we can help you prepare a new agreement describing new terms. If both spouses cannot agree on a revised parenting agreement, the parents may bring their concerns to the judge’s attention anytime while the child is still a minor.

As your child grows up, their wishes change as well. In such cases where the court is petitioned to modify an order for custody, the wishes of a child of appropriate age and maturity come into play. Nevada courts will consider the desires of a child who is mature enough to express his or her wishes.

Our firm has years of experience dealing with issues that develop after the original custody and visitation arrangements have been ordered in a divorce. We can inform you of your options and help you pursue modification to orders for custody and visitation that meet your needs and the needs of your family.

Alimony Modification Orders

Some changes in your circumstances may allow you to seek modification of alimony (spousal support). Changes in circumstance might be the loss of a job or a decrease in wages; job schedule changes, or disability.

Several factors must be evaluated to know whether a modification to alimony orders is appropriate, including:

  • the amount and type of alimony to be modified
  • the paying spouse’s income
  • the financial need of the receiving spouse (has the “need” recently increased significantly?)

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Children grow up, wages rise and fall, unplanned crises happen, or your ex-spouse remarries and moves away. When you need to make changes to outdated legal obligations, divorce attorney Nathan Gibbs can provide experienced, personalized counsel.

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