Experienced Nevada Family Law Attorney

Who will you entrust with your family legal problems? In any matter of Nevada family law, so much is on the line: your children, your finances, your peace of mind.

At times like these, having a skilled Nevada family law attorney you can trust is essential. Our practice is dedicated to protecting your rights and the rights of your children, and helping you restore balance in your life as quickly as possible.

You may not be at your best when you come to see us. Divorce, child custody, visitation, alimony, paternity and other family law matters are clouded by worry and stress. We are here to minimize family conflict wherever possible, find solutions to your family legal issues, and to help you make wise decisions.

At The Law Office of R. Nathan Gibbs, we put one rule at the top — get to know our clients, and understand what they want. This is no small thing.

In Las Vegas, You Have a Partner with Nevada Family Law Attorney Nathan Gibbs

In order to extend personal attention and commitment to each client, we offer in-office consultations. In this way, we are able to get to know you, fully understand your situation, and give you a thorough appraisal of your case and a candid explanation of your rights.

This also reassures that you can take the time you need to have your important questions answered – no question is too trivial.

  • Who decides who gets the children?
  • At what age can a child choose which parent they want to live with?
  • How much child support will you receive? How much will you have to pay?
  • Do you need a prenuptial agreement?
  • How is paternity established?
  • Nevada is a community property state – what assets can you keep according to the law?
  • Your spouse has threatened to harm you – what should you do?
  • Can you move away from Las Vegas with the kids?

We will be very straightforward and honest with you about your case. We will guide you through the process, from start to finish, being sure that you understand both what is possible and what is likely under Nevada laws.

In divorce cases, we always strive for a negotiated divorce agreement. We help you explore all alternatives, including mediation and collaboration. When amicable resolutions cannot be reached, you will find a strong advocate to provide legal representation to protect what’s important to you.

Before you talk to another Nevada family law attorney, see what makes our firm different.

We slow down. We talk. We work to best meet your needs.

If this sounds right to you – if you want an attorney who will help your understand all of your options and work with you to reach your goals, an attorney who knows Nevada family law and who knows the courts – contact us or call our law firm at (702) 471-7454.

Divorce is both an emotional turning point and a complex transaction. We can help you get through it. Learn more about Nevada family law attorney Nathan Gibbs.